Doing Business in Tallinn

Estonia is a small country located at the heart of the Baltic Sea Region. Tallinn is the centre of Estonian political and business life. With population about 400 000 people, Tallinn is main element for Estonia economy. In Tallinn about half of all Estonian companies are located, and they are responsible for ca 50-60% of GDP and nearly 3/4 of total business profit.
More than half of the companies operating in Estonia on foreign capital are located in Tallinn. The economy is closely connected with Scandinavian countries. This has attracted foreign investments and boosted trade. What attracts such companies as Telia, Coca-Cola, Statoil, Tolaram, Ruhrgas and many other international corporations, is Tallinn's location, its business-friendly fiscal policy and modern telecommunications infrastructure.

Since joining the Hanseatic League in 1285, Tallinn has played an important role in trade between East and West.  Estonia is one of the most direct and favourable transit corridors between the developing eastern markets, the Europe and North America. Large investments in infrastructure have brought the ports of Tallinn up to international standards and the logistics services provided are fast and of high quality. Tallinn is the third largest port of the Baltic Sea after St. Petersburg and Primorsk. Tallinn International Airport is one of the largest airports in the Baltic States both by passenger and cargo volumes.

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